04 October 2011

How do you eat a whale?

Piece by piece.

I'm currently working on a book about a lot of what I've been writing about, but it also mixes in some fictional elements, parts of the imaginative fantasies I had as a boy that seem as real as anything else that has happened to me.

I began working on it shortly after I got married to April, 5 years ago. Chapter One is complete, Chapter Two is nearly completed. Chapter Three is mapped out. It's only going to have three chapters. Dante was fine with his master work being three pieces. I'm happy with this.

I've never been able to focus on something like this for this long, which is why I have tried to stick with poetry and to be honest, working so long on it, now that I see where it's going to end up, I am having a really rough time accessing the voices I need to roll the rest out lately.

Perhaps because I'm not expecting anymore surprises, and manufacturing surprises for the reader just seems so...fake to me.

I need to go back to it though. I think that's why I took a break from this blog recently. Kinda re-establising my footing, finding a new hold on this piece I'm working on.

After a while, the taste becomes horrific and sometimes you think you can't swallow another bite. So you take a break from the whale. Let the digestion processes learn new things and then come back to the whale.

Hopefully, it won't take me as long as it took Melinda Mae to eat her whale.

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