14 November 2011


*for April

Whenever you think of her,
tell the world you think of her

because she is thinking of the world
and how she sifted through it

to find you, thinking of her,
wishing for her, missing her.

And the world might say, we sent you others.
Reply: But the others weren't gifted.

And think of how you delicately unwrapped
the bows and ribbons, unfolded the paper

and lifted the lid as if not to let her all out at once.
The others weren't a gift you enjoyed unwrapping.

Whenever you think of her,
tell the world thank you.

07 November 2011

The Angel Axis Intersects The Three-Dimensional Human

Who I wanted to be is not who I am.
Who I am is not who I wanted to be.
         The great ethical dilemma: free will versus fate.
It is not one, but both. And therein lies betrayal, the deepest of sin,
and longing, the emptiest of delight.
         To acknowledge both have equal claim on your soul
is to cast your vote with one or the other.
Which am I going to let my life be lead by?
is what you will ask at each turn.

And you will answer according to your experience.
And there will be betrayal if you answer wrongly
and longing for the "what-ifs" if you answer correctly.

I am fragile as glass,
an angel lost to the depths
on my way home,

a beam of broken light
shooting outwards in all directions
with no direction or destination.